Mouillage de Tarco
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20144 Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio
Small cove at the mouth of the river of the same name where a magnificent dry in south, 800 meters from the shore, reserved for experienced divers because it is a deep dive exposed to currents. The descent into the blue is impressive because the top of the rise of rock is 36m! Already, the decor is sumptuous, sea fans adorn the top, contrasting with their bright red branches with gold Parazoanthus. But the descent is not over! East Side, the rock sinks up to 60m! The flora and fauna on this site are particularly abundant, with large sea fans line the bottom and, from 45m, red coral appeared. In the blue change many corba, sars and teeth, probably surprised by the presence of the diver at that depth. We meet huge groupers and moray eels beautiful stretched full length on the sea fans. We even observed the rare Molamola or sunfish !

Berthing, mooring & anchoring
Maximum Draught: 0.00m
Maximum Length: 0.00m

Environmental management
Selective sortingSelective sorting no
Waste disposal pointWaste disposal point no

Refueling station
Gasoil: no
SP98: no
SP95: no
GPL: no

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A: Côte des Nacres
B: Mouillage de Tarco

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