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Built on a bay bounded to the north west by the rocky islets of red porphyry which give it its name, and to the south by an immaculate white sand beach, l?Île-Rousse is presented to the tourist in all its beauty, extending westwards from the sea to the hill of the Sémaphore and the col de Fogata. From the quays of the commercial port installed on 3 of the 6 small islands, the fishing port and the bridges which link the harbour complex to the coast and the market with its twenty one columns, the fortifications and the houses of the old city grew over the years, from 1765 into the first half of the 19th century.
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Traduction/Translation: Google TranslatePort de l'Île-Rousse, Corse
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General information General information

General information
Harbour Master: Mr Alain D'ORIANO
Opening hours:
Saison: 7h00 - 22h00 Hors Saison: 7h - 18h00

Maritime weather (tel): 3250
Maritime affairs (tel): +33 495 650 171
Police (tel): +33 495 650 017
Rescue (tel): +33 495 201 363
VHF Canal: 9

Berthing, mooring & anchoring
Maximum Draught: 2.00m
Maximum Length: 25.00m
Number of basins: 2
Open water docks: 200
Open water buoys: 15

Location & approach
Distance of neighboring ports
Calvi: 10M Saint Florent: 20M

Approach (day and night)
Facile d'accès

SHOM map: 6980, 6970
Environmental management
Bilge pumpsBilge pumps no
Careening facilityCareening facility yes
Wastewater suctionWastewater suction no
Selective sortingSelective sorting yes
Waste disposal pointWaste disposal point no
Collected wastes
Solid and liquid toxicsSolid and liquid toxics no
BatteriesBatteries no
Boat batteriesBoat batteries no
MetalsMetals yes
Plastic BottlesPlastic Bottles yes
GlassGlass yes
Uncontaminated paper & cardboard Uncontaminated paper & cardboard yes
Distress rocketsDistress rockets no
Waste oil, filtersWaste oil, filters no
Large volumes and non-toxic wasteLarge volumes and non-toxic waste no

Technical areas
Travelift: no
Crane(s): yes
Crane max. weight: 12t
On port handling: no
Out port handling: yes
Wedge launch: yes
Storage ashore: no

Refueling station
Gasoil: yes
SP98: no
SP95: yes
GPL: no
Opening hours:
Saison: 7h00 - 20h00
Hors Saison: 8h00 - 12h00 / 14h00 - 19h00

Services to boaters
Wi-Fi access: yes
Victualling: yes
Marine hardware: yes
Accommodation: yes
Car Park: yes
Showers: yes
WC: yes
Laundries: no
Disabled access: no
Washing-up basin: no
Electricity on pontoons: no
Electricity on docks: yes
Water on pontoons: no
Water on docks: yes


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Port d'