20233 Pietracorbara, France


Pietracorbara - Marine d\'Ampuglia - Cap Corse Capicorsu Shelters except SE - SW. Sandy bottom. Discover: The Marine, is an area of beach and plain of sand and silt. This is the ultimate anti-Hamlet (with the exception of grouped houses of Saint Anthony) with its scattered settlements, which mite territory and ignores the winter floods of Fiume (River Valley). Area in full development, the Navy is rich in the history of the village even though the traces of ancient invasions have all but disappeared. After enjoying the beach, you have to climb up Castellare (30 minutes walk from the track that starts at the turn of the Hotel Mare e Macchia) or go to the bridge built in Vercetu pebbles. Note, a special feature: the presence of tree frogs and turtles in the pond turtle wetland located between the beach and the road (county 80). This wetland is very fragile.
Contact Tel: +33 (0)4 95 35 20 59
Fax: +33 (0)4 95 35 28 31
@: mairie.pietracorbara@wanadoo.fr
Website: http://www.pietracorbara.fr


Berthing, mooring & anchoring
Maximum Draught: 0.00m
Maximum Length: 0.00m

Environmental management
Selective sortingSelective sorting no
Waste disposal pointWaste disposal point no

Refueling station
Gasoil: no
SP98: no
SP95: no
GPL: no


- Longitude:

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